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API Oil Separator, CPI Oil Separator, Oil Skimmer

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Spesialis Oil Separator

The interface is clear and simple, every action is straightforward. Creating a new slider and adding slides are quick and easy process.

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Our Products

API Oil Separator

AsOS API Series is an Oil Separator that works thanks to the gravitational difference between oil and water so that it can eliminate free oil droplets, fine oil droplets and dispersed in the waste stream.

CPI Oil Separator

Coalescing Plate Interceptor (CPI) is an improvement from API Separator. CPI does not require extensive area for its application. Handling sedimentation on CPI is easier and cheaper than API.

Oil Skimmer

Oil Skimmer is a tool to separate oil and fat that has floated on the surface of the water. SKIM-OS series are various types of skimmer, floating, drum equipment as well as skimmer plates.

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